As a result of more than four decades of experience in the development and supply of industrial instrumentation and automation solutions on all continents, Nova Smar S/A currently owns and maintains an Open Digital Ecosystem called System302, which consists of a scalable hardware portfolio , software, and services based on open industry standards and best practices, which allow users to implement applications capable of transforming the performance of their industrial plants.

In addition to providing continuous and discrete control logic and communications execution, System302's Software modules were designed to increase the efficiency of industrial operations.

The figure below illustrates a typical example of physical architecture that can be implemented using System302 solutions, joining field devices and signals, controllers, servers and workstations, among other components, in order to compose automation and control systems for solve the most diverse challenges of the most varied processes and industrial plants.


Solutions for visualization, operation, maintenance, historical recording, data analysis, cloud integration, access from anywhere and from any device, connectivity and technological standardization are part of this set.

These solutions correspond to the set of software applications that can run on servers, workstations and on various other devices that can be used as user interfaces, such as Thin Clients, Tablets, Smart Phones and even Smart Watches. It is a set of software modules developed to make the work processes of its users more efficient.

The following Diagram illustrates the main System302 software solutions.

Such solutions can be applied in any type of industry and contribute to the improvement of its operations and to the automation and digitization of the use of information, as a way of solving typical situations and challenges of an industrial production environment, with its most varied processes and equipment.


Automation and control platform Processes

See DFI302

Integrated Engineering Environment

Everything you need to configure networks, devices and controls in a single, easy-to-use environment.
Studio302 is an integrated and user-friendly environment that includes all the software tools needed to configure, manage and maintain the networks, devices and controls of a control and automation system.

See Studio302

Intelligent Device Manager

A plant asset management software tool that provides diagnostics, configuration, calibration, maintenance management and documentation for smart devices such as field instruments, valve positioners and controllers.

See AssetView

Operations software suite.

A powerful suite of 64-bit operations software solutions that enable operators, executives and IT professionals to integrate real-time information into a secure, unified, fully web-enabled, Industry 4.0-ready visualization environment.

See ProcessView64

Plant Historian with Large Amounts of Data

A high-speed, reliable, and robust 64-bit advanced plant historian designed for the most mission-critical applications that demand maximum availability.

See HistoryView

Executive Dashboards

A self-service dashboard visualization tool for KPIs, alarms and trends where the user does the creation, saving and loading of dashboards, providing a user-friendly interface.

See KPIView

Secure Cloud Enablement

Publish data to the cloud securely; View on any device, anywhere; Monitor and control your assets remotely; Performs edge analysis; Integrate with existing equipment; Store and forward historical data.

See IoTView

Data analysis software suite

A suite of solutions that transform massive amounts of data into actionable intelligence in real time, driving improved productivity, efficiency and sustainability.

See AnalyticsView

Real-time Workflow for Data Bridging

A powerful and robust software solution for data integration and interface management between different equipment and systems that does not require programming.

See OrchestrationView

Fast link to Any Equipment Aspect

Quickly access all relevant content about your plant's equipment.
AspectView is a software tool that quickly connects the user to any information and content relating to your field instruments, motors, controllers, heat exchangers, boilers, and virtually any equipment in your industry.

See AspectView

Connectivity Solutions
Secure Industrial Communications

A flexible and secure set of connectivity technology including automation standards, protocol drivers, databases and IT standards.

See Connectivity Solutions

Function Block Library

Standardized function blocks, ready to be incorporated into Controllers and other third-party Devices, in a practical and sustainable way.
Open technologies bring numerous benefits, and one of them is fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

See SmarFB