Relations with Investors 2019

“We cannot predict the future, but we can create it”

Paul Zane Pilzer (Economist)

Welcome, dear stakeholder.

We offer in this space the result of effort and hard work of important agents of transformation of Nova Smar S.A.

This Agents are in the production areas, in the technology development complex spheres, in shipping, in the commercial team, in the foreign commerce team, in the information technology team, in the talented hands of the administrative staff, in the cleaning team, in the reception, in the board and in each collaborator and partner that helped us to multiply our valences and to make from Smar the Nova Smar S.A.

We celebrate our second consecutive year adding profitability and growth.

The year of 2018 was closed with a net profit of $604 thousand reais and the year of 2019 was closed with over $3 million of net profit, an increase of profitability of five (5) times bigger on an interval of only one year. The graphic besides highlights these variations.

Besides the profitability increase, the net margin, that is to say the proportion of resources that remain in the company in front of the net sales, has increased considerably, what denotes efficiency in the resource’s administration.

In 2018, Nova Smar’s net margin was around 3%. In 2019, the net margin increased 7%, more than its double. The values negotiated in sales, as well as the management of costs and expenses indicate the composition of a net margin that is even more attractive and beneficial to the business.

There are available in this section the Financial Statements regarding the fiscal years of 2018 and 2019, being:

  • Financial Statements;
  • Fiscal Year Result Statement;
  • Comprehensive Result Statement;
  • Cash Flow Statement;
  • Net Estate Changes Statement and Explanatory Notes

It is important to highlight that the financial statements were properly audited by a certified audit company on CMV (Securities Commission – Brazil), even if there is no legal demandability, as Law Lei 11.638/07 and Law 6.404/76.

There are still many goals in formation and development on Nova Smar S.A., especially those related to sustainability. The Nova Smar S.A. considers itself and acts as a sustainable company e already operates with supplies and resources consumption reduction and optimization and evaluates annually its practices, seeking the continuous improvement. Besides operating with high technology, the Nova Smar S.A. is in Harmony with the nature.

Relations with Investors