CONF600 Plus

CD600Plus Configuration Tools

O CONF600 Plus é uma interface de configuração do CD600Plus desenvolvida para plataforma windows que oferece recursos gráficos e interface homem máquina de fácil operação.

The CONF600 Plus is a configuration software that runs on WINDOWS XP, 2000, 10 or NT with SP3 or higher. It provides a powerful and still very easy to use graphic interface.

The CONF600 Plus is a complete companion tool to create, edit, optimize and download a control strategy to the CD600Plus controller. It is also capable of calibrating I/Os, monitoring Function Blocks online, setting network parameters, adding notes and printing documentation.

  • Advanced graphic interface to assemble the control strategy for your application;
  • Very easy parameter setting for all Function Blocks.
  • Includes editing, calibration, optimization and online monitoring tools;
  • Documentation printing capability for configurations and parameters;
  • Network parameter setting for serial (RS-485) or Ethernet;
  • Configuration transfer between the computer and PDA.

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