Eight Input Temperature Transmitter with Profibus PA

TT383 has independent channels able to measure up to eight temperatures points (simple, differential and backup measurement). The temperature information are available via Profibus PA communication protocol.

SMAR TT383 is a compact and lightweight transmitter for rail mounting. The digital technology used in the TT383 allows several types of sensors, large ranges, single or multiple-ended measurement and an easy interface between the field and the control room. It also includes several features which reduce considerably the installation, operation and maintenance costs.

For more information, please, consult the Operation and Maintenance Instruction / Manual.



  • Eight Input for Temperature Sensors
  • Built-in thermocouples and RTDs linearization
  • ± 0.03% Accuracy
  • Several Options of  Sensor Types
  • 2 or 3 Wires Sensor Connection
  • Input Signal Isolation
  • Supported by DD, EDDL and FDT/DTM
  • Sensor Backup
  • Differential Measurement
  • The Power of Profibus PA Digital Protocol



TT383 can be configured via:

  • SMAR DF73 and DF95 / DF97;
  • Simatic PDM;
  • Other manufactures’ configuration tools based on DTM/DDL/EDDL.

For management and diagnostics, AssetView provides continuous information monitoring.

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