Calibration Device for Smar Pressure Transducer

The FYCAL is a Calibration Device for Pressure Transducer - the piezo base - the part of the electro-pneumatic positioner of the Smar FY positioner.
  • Available for positioner valve with communication protocols: HART® (FY301 and FY400) FOUNDATION™ fieldbus (FY302) and PROFIBUS PA (FY303);
  • Enables verification and calibration of the positioner piezo base;
  • Tool to help making the user self-sufficient in valve positioner maintenance;
  • Easy to use;
  • Ideal for both by engineers and instrumentation technicians.
The Checking and Calibration Device for Smar Valve Positioner is undoubtedly one more tool to help making the user self-sufficient in Smar products maintenance.

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