Management and Reporting Tool

The HFCView is the software tool used during the operational phase, that is, after the installation, configuration and startup of the measurement system using the AuditFlow.

The main functionalities provided by HFCView are:

  • Monitoring of the main measurement variables simultaneously;
  • Supervision and parameterization of the main HFC302s function blocks through Modbus standard commands;
  • Transfer, schedule and automatic printer of the reports from the HFC302 memory to the database, through task executed in background;
  • Modbus mapping file generation of the HFC302 for other applications;
  • Configuration Log generation: to keep the information of HFC302 configuration;
  • Portuguese and English language;
  • Multiple printers;
  • Redundant HFC302’s;
  • Automatic update of the HFC302 internal clock;
  • Personalized reports;
  • Data recovery from database through HFC302 memory in case of failure;
  • SQL Server compatibility;
  • Database navigation for visualization and report print;
  • Use protection through hardkey;
  • Access restriction in the database to guarantee the inviolability;
  • Exports data in XML.

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