Demokit - PROFIBUS

Pedestal Mounted

1. Introduction

The Smar pedestal mounted configuration Demokit makes possible acquire practical knowledge in of industrial equipment programming and calibration using the same configuration equipment and software developed for industrial control applications.

With the Demokit it is possible to simulate situations similar to those found by instrumentation professionals in real plants with high tech resources available at the market with the Profibus PA technology.

With the Demokit software it is possible to create control loops, from the most simple to the most advanced, enabling to know, implement, operate and supervise processes through software.

2. General Features

Pedestal-mounted Smar configuration Demokits are supplied with the devices already installed and mounted on the pedestal, which provide installation condition near the one to be found on the field. Additionally, it avoids the need for interconnections and mountings and is always ready for use.

At the instructor´s choice, the students can execute tasks wherever necessary to alter connections or dismount and mount equipment on the pedestal, whose accesses are fully facilitated.

Smar configuration pedestal mounting Demokits are designed to provide easy transportation, having features that meet the following premises:

  • Compact mounting that makes unnecessary to install any equipment, as they are arrayed on pedestal. On its part, this is housed in a case that protects the equipment.
  • Wheeled  case makes transportation and displacement easier;
  • Easy to handle, can be maneuvered and lifted by a single person.

3. Construction Features

  1. The controller and devices on each didactical kit are mounted on a pedestal-type rigid tubular structure of 1.5 inches so that all Demokit components are attached to it.

  2. All accessories are supplied together with power cables, connectors and other components necessary to the didactical kit work.

  3. All measurement and control equipment are compatible with the use in industrial environments and therefore are not only for essentially didactical purposes;

  4. Embedded power supply, duly dimensioned to supply continuous voltage to all the equipment that make up the set and require this type of powering.

  5. For each technological option, the measurement and control equipment use tools and interfaces proper to each technology for communication, configuration and supervision of the kit devices.

  6. The kits are supplied with software tools with their respective permissions for the on-line configuration and monitoring of the Demokit devices and equipment. The software is compatible with the IBM-PC platform, with Windows XP and Windows 7 Professional 64 bits operating systems.

4. Hardware and Software

Smar configuration pedestal mounting Demokits are formed by the following devices:

4.1 – Micro-processed pressure indicator transmitter, having the following features:

a) Power Supply:

♦ PROFIBUS PA technology: 9 to 32 Vdc (through bus, 02 wires);

b) Communication Output and Protocol:

♦  Profibus PA Digital technology (LD303);

c) Accuracy of ± 0,075 % of span; d) digital alphanumerical display; e) Remote calibration and parameterization:

 ♦  PROFIBUS PA technology: via PC

f) Local zero and span adjustment; g) non-interactive Zero and Span; h) Classified area application:

♦ Explosion and weather proof wrapping available;

♦ Intrinsically safe supply available.

4.2 – Micro-processed pressure indicator transmitter, having the following features:

a) Power Supply:

♦   PROFIBUS PA technology: 9 to 32 Vdc (through bus, 02 wires);

b) Communication Output and Protocol:

♦ PROFIBUS PA digital technology (TT303);

c) Accuracy of ± 0,02%; d) Selectable measurement element accepting multiple thermocouples, RTDs, mV and Ohm.

e) Alphanumerical digital display;

f) Remote calibration and parameterization:

♦ PROFIBUS PA technology: via PC

g) Local zero and span adjustment;

h) Non-interactive Zero and Span;

j) Classified area application;

♦ Explosion and weather proof wrapping supply available;

♦  Intrinsically safe supply available

4.3 - Profibus PA Protocol Converter for current (4 to 20mA), with the following features:

a) Power Supply of 9 to 32 Vdc (through bus, 02 wires);

b) Communication: Digital, PROFIBUS PA, voltage mode 31,25Kbits/s powered by bus;

c) Analog Output: Three current outputs of 4-20ma, external power, common ground;

d) Output load limit: External output power supply voltage 3 to 45 Vdc. e) Accuracy: ±  0.1%; f) Alphanumerical digital display;    

g) Classified area application:

♦ Explosion and weather proof wrapping available;

♦ Intrinsically safe supply available.

4.4 Thermo-resistance simulator with the following features:

a) Equipment accompanied by a potentiometer only when the kit has a temperature transmitter, in order to simulate the temperature variation on the transmitter, by means of resistance variation. Has switch that simulates the thermo-element rupture.

4.5 - Sphygmomanometer with the following features:

a) Equipment formed by a rubber “pear” with a block and relief valve, to simulate a pressure variation on the pressure meter input, similar to that used for hospital pressure measurement;

b) Supplied with adapter to adjust to the pressure meter and other accessories when being installed;

4.6 - HSE/Profibus controller for mounting segments of the H1 (IEC 61158-2) PROFIBUS PA network with the following features:

a) With gateway functions;

b) It has 02 Ethernet communication ports, with FOUNDATION™ HSE and/or Modbus TCP protocols;

c) Includes communication resources with supervisory systems through OPC open communication standard;

d) It has 01 serial EIA-232 (x1) communication port, with Modbus RTU protocol;

e) Modular rack mounting, for DIN rail;

f) One PROFIBUS DP channel supporting up to 12 Mbps;

g) Two PROFIBUS PA ports supporting up to 32 equipment per channel;

h) Supports up to 124 PROFIBUS DP and PA field devices;

i) Supports up to 3584 input bytes and 3584 output bytes during the exchange of data process;

j) One (1) flexible function block (accounted for within the 250 possible blocks, with 242 linkable parameters to serve as interface between the discrete and the continuous control and configuration through Ladder language, compliant with IEC 61131.

4.7 - ProcessView supervision software with the following minimum features:

ProcessView is a supervision software that monitors, supervises and operates the control strategies implemented in the demokit. This software has tools for the student to develop the practice of creating synoptic screen, graph register screen and alarm treatment.

ProcessView must be installed in a PC type micro-computer (not included).

4.8 – Configuration

For each didactical kit is supplied a set of configuration tools related to it.

Due to the Demokit teaching purpose, it is supplied without any configured application in order to make the equipment receptive to new configurations to be implemented by the user.

4.9 - Manuals

  ♦ Manuals will be supplied related to the equipment included in the kit. 
4.10 - Case

  ♦ Housing and protection case.

5. Notes

  • The specifications of the above items are subject to change without previous notice;
  • The final specification and each item quantity will comply with the proposal to the client.