PROFIBUS Pressure Transmitter

The LD293 - PROFIBUS Pressure Transmitter is from the first generation of PROFIBUS-PA devices. It is an economical alternative gage pressure transmitter. It is based on a field-proven capacitive sensor that provides reliable operation and high performance.

This lightweight design eliminates the need of mounting brackets and transmitter support in many applications. Its microprocessor-based electronics allow for total interchangeability with SMAR capacitive sensors, correcting automatically sensor characteristic changes caused by temperature fluctuation.

The digital technology used in the LD293 - PROFIBUS Pressure Transmitter enables the choice of several types of transfer functions, an easy interface between the field, the control room and several interesting features that considerably reduce the installation, operation and maintenance costs.


Parameterization and Diagnostics


LD293 - PROFIBUS Pressure Transmitter can be configured using SMAR PROFIBUS View and Simatic PDM and by the FDT (Field Device Tool) and DTM (Device Type Manager) concept tools, such as FieldCare™ and PACTware™. It can also be integrated by any PROFIBUS System using the GSD file.

PROFIBUS PA also has quality and diagnostic information, improving plant management and maintenance. The EDDL and DTM are available in SMAR website. Conforms to profile 3.0.


Some Characteristics:

Digital only. Complies with IEC 61158-2:2000 (H1): 31.25 kbit/s voltage mode, bus powered.
Range 0 to 25 MPa (3600 psi)
Rangeability Accepts calibration from URL to URL/40
Accuracy ± 0.075% of calibatred span
Power Supply Bus powered: 9 to 32 Vdc.
Quiescent current consumption: 12 mA
Output impedance: nonintrinsic safety from 7.8 kHz - 39 kHz should be greater or equal to 3 kOhm.
Intrinsic safety output impedance (assuming an IS barrier in the power supply) from 7.8 kHz - 39 kHz should be greater or equal to 400 Ohm.
Update Output Current
Analysis done by Exida
239 years
With reference and without reference
Access Protection
Yes, by hardware.
Yes, by LCD.
Optional 41/2-digit numerical and 5-character alphanumerical LCD indicator
Only Eletric Board
Only electronic board with math co-processor high-performance, interchangeable on all models.
Update for HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus
These protocols are easily changed by either replacing the internal electronic board or downloading the firmware. A PROFIBUS PA  transmitter can be changed into a HART device by replacing the internal card, and vice versa. A PROFIBUS PA device can be changed into a FOUNDATION fieldbus device and vice versa, by simply downloading a new firmware..
Ambient Temperature Limits
-40 to 85°C (-40 a 185 °F)

-40 to 100°C (-40 a 212 °F) (Silicone Oil)
-0 to 85°C (32 a 185 °F) (Inert Fluorolube Oil)
 -25 to 85 ºC (-13 to 185 ºF) (Viton O´Ring)

-40 to 100°C (-40 to 212 °F)

-20 to 80°C (-4 to 176 °F)
-10 to 60 ºC (14 to 140 ºF) (In Operation)
-40 to 85°C (-40 to 185 °F) (Without Damages)
Ambient Humidity Limits
0 to 100% RH
Injected low copper aluminum with polyester painting or 316 stainless steel housing. According to the NEMA 4X, IP66.
Wetted Parts 316L SST, Hastelloy C276
Nonwetted Parts Injected aluminum with polyester painting or 316 SST
Hazardous Area Certification
Intrinsic Safe (FM, CSA, Nemko, Dekra/EXAM, Cepel and NEPSI), non-incendive (FM, CSA and Cepel), explosion proof (FM, Nemko and Cepel) and dust ignition proof (FM).
Less than 2.0 kg (4 lb)


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