HART Didactic Plant

The objective of the SMAR Didactic Plant is to demonstrate didactically the operation of the various control loops using the same equipment and configuration tools, in software, developed for application in industrial control. In a compact arrangement, this plant makes all the components of this mesh accessible to instructors and learners, not only being a structure to be observed, but also to be manipulated. The implementation of these loops contains the same characteristics and situations found by instrumentation professionals with the high technology resources available on the market.

In addition to the ones provided, other meshes can be generated from the physical structure assembled without the need to mechanically change them, just by modifying the configuration of the devices. The SMAR Didactic Plant is monitored and operated from a station, consisting of a PC-type microcomputer and supervision software, which acquires data from the equipment and presents it through screen animations. It also allows to act on the registers by modifying the internal values ​​of the equipment and on the operational modes of the control loops.


Ease of Transport

  • It does not need to remove or dismantle any of its elements to carry out its transport over short or long distances;
  • It has wheels for displacement, it weighs enough to be maneuvered with great ease, thanks to its aluminum structure.

The most Resistant, Durable and Modern on the Market

  • All stainless steel tanks and pipes, ensuring non-oxidation and longevity;
  • Mounting plate, making the electrical drive and control elements visible to trainees;
  • ProcessView supervision system installed on a PC, allows monitoring and acting on the system in operation and provides the user with tools for creating synoptic screens, graphic records, handling alarms, reports, database, transfer of information to other applications, visualization in multiple monitors, among many other features;
  • It can be operated remotely.