Profibus DP / Modbus RTU Hub Repeater

RHP303 is an active element serving as interface between segments on PROFIBUS network and ensures adequate signal levels, while guarantees the communication signal integrity. The repeater prevents signal deterioration in long distances. Essentially it receives the signal from a network segment, cleans, amplifies and transmits it to other segments. This way, the original message is preserved for all network segments. The RHP303 executes this function bidirectionally. In addition, serves to galvanically isolate the segments. The RHP303 increases the network availability by filtering EMI noises so that one channel does not interfere with the other or with the main trunk.
The RHP303 is the innovative solution for applications that need spur lines or star segments. It is the most economical solution to install reliable spur lines on high speed DP networks. It has 5 insulated galvanic transparent repeaters, allowing network structures with extended spur lines, which, individually, may include up to 31 devices and a length equal to the main bus. The RHP303 regenerates the electric signal in one channel and transfers it to all the others (chicken foot topology). The signal transmission speed is identified automatically.
As RHP303 creates insulated segments, the devices can be removed and inserted during the operation. Likewise, electric bus problems and EMC disturbances on a spur do not spread to other segments.
The RHP303 has a differential feature that is to work in Modbus for two communication rates in manual mode: 9.6 Kbps and 19.2 Kbps. It has an integrated terminator that can be turned on or off. Each RHP303 channel has status LEDs.

Main Features

  • IP 20 classification;
  • 5 insulated channels;
  • Transparent for all PROFIBUS DP protocol versions;
  • RS-485 specifications for each channel;
  • Maximum 12 Mbps communication rate;
  • Supports up to 31 devices per channel;
  • Supports up to 1200 m length of spur line;
  • No address required;
  • Integrated terminator;
  • Supports Modbus protocol in manual mode on 9.6 Kbps and 19.2 Kbps;
  • Ideal for applications in areas susceptible to EMI;
  • Allows expansion of the PROFIBUS DP/MODBUS RTU network with reliability;
  • Regenerates PROFIBUS DP/MODBUS RTU signals submitted to capacitive effects;
  • Insertion and removal of slave equipment during the operation;
  • Protection against short circuit and indication on each channel;
  • Compact and robust construction;
  • Status and error display per channel;
  • Compatible with all DP cables;
  • Provides more convenient arrangement for the network cables;
  • Easily extensible installations;
  • DB9 connector available for diagnostics;
  • Cost savings with cabling and repeaters.

Examples of Application

  • Expansion with reliability in its PROFIBUS DP/ MODBUS RTU network;
  • Expansion of PROFIBUS DP networks in tree topology or star and without limits of RHP303 in cascade;
  • Applications in installations with capacitive effect;
  • Applications in installations with the corrected capacitive effect for RHP303;
  • Application in areas susceptible to Electromagnetic Interference.

Applications with PROFIBUS and MODBUS


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