FB Board

Foundation Fieldbus Interface Board

The FBBoard is a complete, ready to use, fieldbus interface in full production and used worldwide. It provides the hardware and software necessary to easily integrate your existing analog and/or digital devices to a Fieldbus network.

Synchronous and/or asynchronous serial communication interface is used to interface the FBBoard with your present device. However, the FBBoard´s uniquely designed interface pins allow for a wide variety of interfacing options simply by customizing the software. The FBBoard also includes the popular STM Microeletronics STM32F205R Microprocessor, PROM and EPROM for code, RAM for data and the field proven STM Microeletronics STM32L152V8T6TR Communication Controller.

Its software incorporates unique features for field devices; including LAS and Basic capability and dynamic Block Instantiation and Deletion. Also, AI, AO, DI, DO and PID function blocks are available with the standard FB Board in various combinations and quantities of each. Other function blocks are also available to make a powerful and unique field device to best meet customers´ application needs

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