Power Supply for Backplane 90 / 264 Vac

This redundant power supply works independently or together with other redundant power supply module to increase power safety for the application.

When two redundant power supplies are used, in the fault condition, the backup will automatically assume the operation. A relay is provided to indicate failure on each power supplies giving the user a chance to replace the faulty one.

This module provides two voltage outputs:

  • Vdc @ 3 A: distributed by Power Lines in the Inter-Module-Bus (IMB) throughout the racks to feed module circuits;
  • 24 Vdc @ 300 mA: for external use through the terminals 1B and 2B.


Some Characteristics

DC 127 to 135 Vdc
AC 90 to 264 Vdc
Output 1: 5,2 Vdc +/-2%
Current: 3 A Maximum
Ripple: 100 mVpp Maximum
Output 2: 24 Vdc +/- 10%
Current: 300 mA Maximum
Ripple: 200 mVpp Maximum
72 VA
0,450 Kg

39,9 x 137,0 x 141.5 mm
(1,57 x 5,39 x 5,57 in)

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