AC500 Series

Compact Electric Actuator

The AC500 compact actuators are an intelligent and robust design.

The configurable display of the AC500 is the interface with actuator´s software for on/off and continuous modulating duty.


  • Non-intrusive local device configuration;
  • Local user interface with wireless Bluetooth® capability for configuration and monitoring of key parameters;
  • Quarter-turn valves torque up to 2000 Nm (ISO 5211);
  • Multi-turn valves torque up to 1200 Nm (ISO 5210);
  • Linear force up to 200 KN (ISO 5210);
  • Ingress protection IP66 and IP68;
  • HART Protocol;
  • Explosion proof enclosure;
  • Display Backlit LCD;
  • Manual operation by handwheel and declutch lever. Operation with the electric motor is mechanically disengaged;
  • Oil bath lubrication maximizes mechanical component life.