LC800 system  is  the second generation  of  Smar  Logic  Controllers.  It  includes  communication  port and  capacity  for  block  execution  and  IEC-61131-3  Ladder.  In  addition,  the  CPU800  controller  has  two Ethernet  ports  to  ensure  high  availability  of  control  and  supervision,  and  also  supports  redundancy  at all  levels,  providing  the  process  with  a high  level  of  security.

Features  and Limits  for  the CPU800 Module

  • 2 Ethernet  10/100 Mbps  ports;
  • Flexible Functional  Block  (FFB)  support;
  • 128 parameters  can be linked  externally  via HSE  links;
  • Webserver;
  • Modbus  Gateway;
  • Redundant  operation;
  • Real  Time Clock  (RTC)  and watchdog;
  • It  has  supervision  for  up to  2000 points  per  second;


In  order  to  preserve  customers'  investment,  the  CPU800  module  accesses  the  same  I/O  cards  used in the  LC700  system.  Through  the IMB  (Inter-Module  Bus),  present  in the rack  where the  CPU  module is  mounted,  up  to  16  racks  R-700-4A  or  DF93  can  be  interconnected,  each  containing  up  to  4  cards. In  case  you  have  a  redundant  controller,  the  DF92  rack  should  be  used.  If  DF92  is  used,  another  16 DF93  racks  can  be  used.  Additionally,  there  may  be  a  need  for  other  power  supplies  depending  on the number  of  cards.


CPU800: Programable Controller
Description Expandable control platform formed by sets of independent processors, distributed in a high-speed horizontal communication.
Functionality Process and manufacturing control.
CPU redundancy Hot standby and class D3-FoundationTM redundancy
Communication Redundancy Dual redundant Ethernet.
Power Supply Redundancy Self-switching, no-impact redundancy.
Processor Scan Time 10~500ms, user configurable.
CPU Memory Backup Capacity 10 years
Power Supply DF50: 90~264Vac (50~60Hz) or 127~135Vdc DF56: 20~30Vdc
Typical CPU Load Less than 70%
System Reboot Method Automatic after power restoration

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