Smart Valve Positioner

The FY301 microprocessor based positioner provides fast and accurate positioning of diaphragm or cylinder actuators. The FY301 produces a pressure output as required to position a control valve according to a 4 to 20 mA input signal supplied by a controller. The FY301 is part of SMAR's complete 301 series of smart devices.

  • Compact and modular design;
  • Low air consumption;
  • Easy installation;
  • Direct non-contact position sensing;
  • Operate with rotary or linear motion, single or double acting pneumatic actuators;
  • Easy adjustment and parameter settings with remote HART® communication local adjustment and display;
  • Weather proof, explosion proof and intrinsically safe;
  • Flow Characteristics change with software cams.

FYCAL - Calibration Device for Smar Pressure Transducer


Some Characteristics:

2-wire, 4-20 mA
Output to actuator 0-100% supply air pressure. Single or double-action.
Output Capacity
13.6 Nm³/h (8 SCFM) at 5.6 bar (80 psi) supply
Power Supply
Supplied by the 4-20 mA current
Using local adjustment magnetic tool, remote configuration using HHT
Pressure Supply
1.4-7 bar (20-100 psi). Free of oil, dust and water
Actual Position Sensing
Magnet (Non-contact) via Hall effect
Optional LCD indicator
Injected low copper aluminum with polyester painting or 316 stainless steel housing
Process Temperature Limits
-40 to 85ºC (-40 to 185 ºF)
Ambient Humidity Limits
0 to100 % RH
Hazardous Area Certification
Explosion proof, weather proof and intrinsically safe
Nominal: 2.7 kg;
Digital display adds: 0.1 kg.

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