WirelessHART™ Repeater

RP400 is a device dedicated to the WirelessHART™ network whose main function is to extend the network range as a routing agent that simplifies planning and implementing a wireless network. It does not have any application on the industrial process. A WirelessHART™ communication network is structured in loops and adopts architecture that utilizes a mesh network. Mesh networks allow for the network nodes to communicate between them and establish redundant paths until the base increasing reliability, since if a path is blocked there will be alternate routes for the message to reach the final goal.

This type of network also accepts scalability by the simple addition of more nodes or RP400 repeaters on the network. Another characteristic is that the bigger the network, the bigger the trust, as more alternate paths will be automatically created.

The main RP400 characteristics are

  • WirelessHART™ digital communication,  HART Protocol Version 7;
  • Increment the communication routes facilitating the WirelessHART™ network scalability;
  • Increase reliability through alternate paths on the Mesh network;
  • Solution with excellent cost/benefit ratio;
  • Lithium primary batteries (Li-SOCl2) of 3.6 V, totalizing 7.2 V.

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