Online Plant Asset Management System

Traditional Asset Management Systems required all device condition information and calibration activity to be checked and entered manually. The Fieldbus technology utilized in SYSTEM302 has made it possible for AssetView to access new and valuable functions, such as diagnostic and operation statistics, equipment identification, and calibration history stored in the equipment itself.

A modern control system needs more than just a configuring and monitoring tool. To monitor the condition of the control system, a modern plant needs an asset management system that has configuring and monitoring functions, in addition to features for field device calibration, diagnostic, identification and setup.

The use of maintenance software has become increasingly important, because engineers and technicians are more familiar with computers than with multimeters.

  • Totally integrated with SYSTEM302;
  • Device Calibration;
  • Plant Condition Monitoring;
  • Proactive Maintenance;
  • Device Diagnostics and Information Storage;
  • Comparison between former and new diagnostic results;
  • Comparison between former and current configurations;
  • Device Management via Internet.


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