Foundation Fieldbus Temperature Transmitter

Programming and Diagnostics

TT300 Series are available in three different technologies: HART®(TT301), FOUNDATION FieldbusTM (TT302) and PROFIBUS PA (TT303). These instruments can be configured with Smar software and other manufacturer configuration tools. Local adjustment is available in all TT300 Series. It is possible to configure zero and span, set point and other control functions using the magnetic screwdriver. Smar has developed Asset View, which is a user-friendly Web Tool that can be accessed anywhere and anytime using an Internet browser. It is designed for management and diagnostics of field devices to ensure reactive, preventive, predictive and proactive maintenance.



  • TT302 utilizes the FOUNDATION fieldbus™ H1 protocol, an open technology that allows any H1 enabled configuration tool to configure this device. Syscon302 (System Configuration Tool) is a software tool used to configure, maintain and operate the field devices. Syscon offers efficient and friendly interaction with the user, using Windows NT version 4.0 or later, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Configuration tools such as AMSTM, FieldCareTM and HHT375 can configure TT302 devices. DD (Device Description) and CF (Capability File) files can be downloaded at either the Smar or Fieldbus FoundationTM website. TT302 supports complex strategies configuration due to the high capacity and variety of dynamic instantiable function blocks.

    The TT302 is from the first generation of Fieldbus devices. It is a transmitter mainly intended for measurement of temperature using RTD's or thermocouples, but can also accept other sensors with resistance or mV output such as: pyrometers, load cells, resistance position indicators, etc.

    The digital technology used in the TT302 enables a single model to accept several types of sensors, wide ranges, single-ended or different measurement and an easy interface between the field and the control room. Also, several interesting features reduce considerably the installation, operation and maintenance costs.
  • Configuration can be accomplished through the Syscon software.


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