Function Blocks Library

Standardized Function Blocks, ready to be incorporated into Controllers and other Third Party Devices, in a Practical and Sustainable way

Open technologies bring numerous benefits, and one of them is fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

This culture is in the DNA of Smar, which has a wide library of function blocks developed to solve the most varied demands of control and automation. Such blocks have been used for decades in System302 implementations on every continent. And the great news is that this technology can also be used in compatible devices from other manufacturers, increasing its scope even further.

This possibility is due to the open technologies used, including O-PAS, OPC, FOUNDATION Fieldbus™ and FDI, Field Device Integration. In this way, function blocks can run on compatible hardware devices from other manufacturers, such as controllers and field instruments, allowing greater possibilities of use and flexibility of choice for users.

Open technologies make it possible for hardware and software components from different manufacturers to be used together in the same application or subsystem.



The data and communications structures used by function blocks are standardized to ensure interoperability. And the full feature description allows different configuration software from different manufacturers to perform configuration in a standardized way.

The list of available function blocks is as follows:

Input blocks:

  • Analong input, AI
  • Discrete Input, DI
  • Pulse Input, PI
  • Analog Input, MAI
  • Multiple Discrete Input, DI

Control / calculation block:

  • PID Control, PID
  • Enhanced PID Control, EPID
  • Advanced PID Control, APID
  • Splitter, SPLT
  • Set Point Ramp Generator, SPG
  • Output Selector, Dynamic Limiter,OSDL
  • Step Output PID, STEP
  • Arithmetic, ARTH
  • Signal Characterizer, CHAR
  • Integrator, INTG
  • Analong Alarm, AALM
  • Input Selector, ISEL
  • Timer, TIME
  • Lead-Lag, LLAG
  • Density, DENS
  • Constant, CT
  • Flip-Flop and Edge Trigger, FFET

Output blocks:

  • Analog Output, AO
  • Discrete Output, DO
  • Multiple Analog Output, MAO
  • Multiple Discrete Output, MDO

Transducer / Resource

  • Resource, RS
  • Transduce, TRD
  • Diagnostic Transducer, DIAG
  • Display Transduce, DSP

These functional blocks can then be used to compose an infinity of continuous and discrete control strategies, as shown in the illustrative examples below.

In this way, SMAR seeks to strengthen the entire automation market, providing other companies and suppliers with greater agility in the development of solutions through the incorporation of proven technology to its products, while allowing greater freedom for users to select the components of hardware and software best suited to your goals.

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