The SMAR Metrology Laboratory performs calibrations on equipment with the issuance of traced certificates in the areas: Electricity, Pressure, Dimensional and Temperature, in compliance with the ABNT ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

The laboratory has an extremely qualified technical team to perform calibrations on equipment such as pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, pressure gauges, digital multimeters, decades of resistance, digital multicalibrators, calipers, external and internal micrometers, temperature indicators and others.

SMAR offers metrology services in the following areas:


  • Calipers up to 200mm
  • Outside micrometers up to 100mm
  • Centesimal dial gauge up to 25mm
  • Centesimal probe clock up to 0.8mm
  • Tape measure


  • Pressure Scale
  • Electro-pneumatic calibrators
  • Pressure Transmitters
  • Analog and digital gauges
  • Analog and digital vacuum gauges


  • DC Voltage Meter
  • DC Current Meter
  • DC Voltage Source
  • DC Current Source
  • resistive decade
  • LCR meters
  • Resistance Meter
  • Temperature Meter


  • Temperature Transmitter
  • Thermocouple Simulators
  • Resistance Thermometer Simulators


The calibration certificate traced to RBC (Brazilian Calibration Network) is based on the ABNT NBR ISO IEC17025 standard. It contains certificate number, customer and product identification, standards and procedures used in calibration.

On the calibration data page are indicated:

  • Equipment accuracy;
  • Uncertainty of standards;
  • Standard equipment used;
  • Temperature at the time of calibration;
  • Calibrated range;
  • Reference values;
  • Values found in 3 cycles of 6 to 10 points of the range;
  • Calibration results indicated in a graph of accuracy, hysteresis, repeatability and linearity of the equipment;
  • Traceability of standard equipment used in calibration;

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