Dashboard Tool for Managers

Follow your Operations from any of your devices, viewing your Most Important Indicators in Real Time

KPIView is a powerful visualization and analysis tool aimed at executives, managers and other industry leaders.

  • Connect all your devices, manage and browse your assets with real-time data;
  • Build dashboards that meet the specific needs of your industry;
  • View the most important performance indicators for the company or any system, from any client station or mobile device, and seamlessly download dashboards.

KPIView's advanced user experience features automatically adjust views (responsive user interface), as well as providing a vast library of pre-configured symbols.

Main features:

  • Dashboards with user-configurable real-time data for any display device (AnyGlass);
  • Visualization of KPIs on tablets, phones, Apple Watch, etc;
  • Wide variety of industry-specific symbol libraries;
  • Creating and distributing reports;
  • Simplified configuration through drag-and-drop interactions;
  • Device independence with HTML5 technology;
  • Makes it possible to leverage powerful analytical tools with business intelligence;
  • Charts, Alarms, KPIs and Dashboards, Analytics and Trends, etc;
  • Ready for IoT and Cloud.

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