Ethernet Module

The ENET-710 is a data communications module that bridges Ethernet and Serial communication networks. With the increasing importance of networking for industrial control/automation, the ENET-710 module provides Ethernet-networked computers the ability to perform remote monitoring and control of serial Modbus compatible industrial devices in the field as well as access to LC700 PLC CPU modules and the CD600Plus Multi-Loop Controller. Up to seven clients can access the ENET-710 via Ethernet and communicate over one full-duplex RS-232C and four half-duplex RS-485 compatible serial ports to serial field devices. The module can be installed in the LC700 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to receive power, or it can be operated in a stand-alone fashion with an external +24VDC power source. There is also a redundant power supply mode when using both power sources.

Fully compliant with Modbus/TCP, the ENET-710 implements bridging to the LC700 PLC CPU module serial ports and other Modbus/RTU compatible devices enabling bi-directional communication between clients on Ethernet and devices on a serial Modbus network. The module also functions to offer data communications between Ethernet and the CD600Plus Multi-Loop Controller with the CONF600 Plus configuration software.

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