Foundation Fieldbus Remote I/O

The DC302 Fieldbus Remote I/O makes the integration of Fieldbus and conventional I/O easy. It is a single integrated easy to use piece of equipment including power, control, networking and I/O under one compact device requiring less panel space than other solutions. The DC302 is an integral part of SYSTEM302 but also integrates into other systems supporting Foundation Fieldbus.


Some Characteristics:

FOUNDATION Fieldbus on 31.25 kbit/s voltage mode according to IEC 61158-2.
Power Consumption
Quiescent 12 mA.
Output Impedance
Non-intrinsic safety from 7.8 kHz - 39 kHz should be greater or equal to 3 kΩ. Intrinsic safety output impedance (assuming an IS barrier in the powersupply) from 7.8 kHz – 39 kHz should be greater or equal to 400 Ω.
Function Blocks
Up to 20 Dynamically Instantiable Function Blocks.
Click here for the list of available Function Blocks.
The Function Blocks available allow simple and complex control strategies to be placed inside the field device, making the field device and integral part of the control system. In order to fully benefit from the Function Blocks in the device a True Foundation Fieldbus system is recommended. For more information about SYSTEM302, click here.
Through Fieldbus communication or basic configuration through local adjustment.
Master backup Fieldbus
Mestre backup da rede Fieldbus
Temperature Limits
Operating: -40 a 85ºC (-40 a 185 ºF)
Storage: -40 a 85ºC (-40 a 185 ºF)
Shell casing / base: Polycarbonate, 10% glass fiber
Terminals: Zinc screws, chrome steel Temperature range: 110 ° C (230 ° F) UL94VO
Temperature Range: 110 ° C (230 ° F) UL94VO
Protection:IP20 (with finger touch), VBG4 and other European requirements for accident prevention. It can optionally be supplied in distribution box explosion proof for field assembly
External 18-30 Vdc
Using DIN rail (TS35-TS32 DIN EN 50022 or DIN EN50035-or-TS15 DIN EN50045)

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