Demokit - HART

Multi-Loop Controller Mounted in Case


The objective of the Didactical Demokit with HART Communication Protocol is to enable, in practice, the acquisition of instructions about equipment, programming and calibration, including the use of components of the control loops to be handled through software with the use of PC. The devices are arranged separately to allow the instructor cover them on the technical program according to the beginner´s need.

The Demokit provides resource to program process control loops through a Multi-loop Controller and its configuration software via PC. Control Loops can be generated from the existing physical structure without the need of changing them mechanically, only by modifying the device configuration.

ProcessView supervision software for use on PC type micro-computer is the tool that allows the student to develop tools for the creation of synoptic charts, graphical registers and alarm treatment, enabling the development of didactical works according to the course program.


01 - Capacitive Differential Pressure Intelligent Transmitter.



  • Accuracy of ± 0,04%;
  • Stability  of ± 0,2% do URL – Guaranty of  12 years;
  • Rangeability  of 120:1;
  • Span min.  of  Pa (0,2 inH2O)  until the range limit of 0 to 40 MPa (0 to 5800 psi);
  • Static Pressure up to 52 MPa (7500 psi);
  • Digital direct   capacitance measurement ;
  • Non interactive Zero and Span ;
  • Zero and span local adjustment:
  • Remote parameterization and  calibration;
  • Output functions: linear, V x, V x3 and V x5 ;
  • Tank linearization;
  • Digital alphanumerical indication;
  • Light and compact;
  • Explosion and weather proof housing (IP67);
  • Intrinsically safe;
  • Signal simulation for loop tests;
  • Configurable user unit;
  • Configurable   local adjustment;
  • Electromagnetic  Compatibility compliant with  IEC 61000-6-2:1999, IEC 61000-6-4:1997 and IEC 61326:2002;
  • Password configuration protection.

02 - Capacitive Manometric Intelligent Pressure Transmitter



  • 0 ~ 0.5 inH20 up to 0 ~ 3600 psi;
  • Accuracy of ± 0,1%;
  • Rangeability of 40:1;
  • Wetted Parts in Stainless Steel 316L and Hastelloy;
  • Totally Digital; Including Sensor, Electronics and Communication (Except LD290);
  • LCD Digital Display;
  • Weather Proof, Explosion Proof and Intrinsically  Safe;
  • Auto-diagnostics;
  • Four Technology  Options;
  • Output current update time in 100 ms;
  • Output current resolution of 0,75 μA/bit;
  • High performance mathematical co-processor;
  • FMEDA analysis (Failure, Effect and Diagnostics Analysis Mode);
  • MTTR (Repair Mean Time) of 18 minutes;
  • MTTF (Expected Failure Mean Time) of 239 years;
  • MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of 239 years;
  • Applicable in safe areas requiring SIL (Safety Integrity Level);
  • Via-hardware write protection;
  • Easy upgrade to FOUNDATION™ fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA technologies;
  • Designed in compliance with ISO 9001.

03 - Intelligent Temperature Transmitter



  • Accuracy of ± 0,02%;
  • Linearization of RTDs and embedded Thermocouples;
  • Non  interactive Zero and Span;
  • Zero and span local adjustment;
  • Remote calibration via HHT or via PC;
  • Alphanumerical digital indication;
  • Light and compact;
  •  Explosion and weather proof  housing (IP67);
  • Intrinsically safe;
  • Signal simulation  for loop tests;
  • Signal isolation;
  • Configurable user unit;
  • Configurable local adjustment;
  • Electromagnetic compatibility compliant with IEC 61000-6-2:1999, IEC 61000-6-4:1997 and IEC 61326:2002;
  • Password configuration protection;
  • Three technology options: HART®, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA.

04 - Intelligent Valve Positioner



  • Proper for most valve models and brands;
  • A varied spectrum of supports dedicated to several models and sizes of different control valve manufacturers;
  • Linear motion of 3 mm up to 100 mm; (for larger courses, consult  our Series ACP300 and BFY-CL catalog);
  • Rotary motion of 30o to 120o;
  • Local or remotely configurable via HART® 4 a 20 mA, FOUNDATION fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA protocols;
  • Local rotary, multifunctional, easy to use  indicator;
  • Easy installation, fast commissioning and adjustment;
  • Continuous online diagnostics reduce valve failure correcting time and maintenance costs;
  • Protection against transients;
  • Histogram, valve signature and response in degree combined with asset management applications;
  • Trend and load factor graphs available for diagnostics;
  • Configuration of valve characteristic curve on most usual ways; valve characteristic curve personalized on up to 16 points;
  • Configurable local indicator;
  • Password configuration protection;
  • Multidrop operation mode;
  • Position sensor without mechanical contact by Hall Effect;
  • Remote sensor mounting for difficult access applications or those involving high vibration or even high temperature;
  • Power supply pressure of 20 psi up to 100 psi;
  • Certificate for use on classified areas in compliance with European Community Regulations;
  • Electromagnetic compatibility in compliance with IEC 61000-6-2:1999, IEC 61000- 6-4:1997 and IEC 61326:2002.

05 - Intelligent Position Transmitter



  • Output signals: two-wire 4-20 mA , with superimposed digital communication (HART, Bell 202 Protocols);
  • Output Action : Direct or Reverse;
  • Accuracy: Linearity, Hysteresis  and  effects of repeatability   included;
  • Configuration: Using   magnetic tool for local adjustment or through HART protocol using digital communication;
  • Actual Sensor Position: Through magnet with Hall effect sensor;
  • Indication: Digital Indicator (LCD) of 4 ½   numerical digits and 5 alphanumerical liquid crystal characters;
  • Material: Injected aluminum with low copper content and finishing with polyester or Stainless Steel 316 paint with Buna N gaskets on the cover (NEMA 4X, IP67);
  • Temperature Limits: --40 to 85 °C (-40 to 185 °F);
  • Process:   -40 to 100 °C (-40 to 212 °F);
  • Humidity Limit: 0 to 100 % RH;
  • Classified Área Certification: Explosion proof, weather proof and intrinsically safe;
  • Weight: Without display and mounting bracket: 0.80 kg;
  • For digital display add: 0.13 kg;
  • For mounting bracket add: 0.60 kg.

06 - Digital Multi-loop Controller


CD600Plus is a versatile and reliable, single module controller, capable of simultaneously controlling up to 4 control loops, with 8 PIDs and sophisticated control strategies with more than 120 function blocks.


  • Power supply: 24 Vdc, 85 - 264 Vac 47 - 65 Hz;
    Maximum Consumption: 18 VA (ac) / 12 W (dc);
  • Loop Control: Simple or complex loops with up to 8 PIDs;
  • Analog Inputs: - 1 to 5 Vdc or 0 to 5 Vdc, with input impedance of  1 MOhm:
    - 4 to 20 mAdc or 0 to 20 mAdc, with  shunt resistance of 250 Ohm (removable);
    - Accuracy of Conversion: ± 0.010 V;
  • Digital Inputs: Open Contact : 50 KOhm (minimum) or 3 to 24 Vdc:
    - Closed Contact: 200 Ohm (maximum) or 0 to 1,7 Vdc (maximum);
    - 2 inputs can be used for  0 Hz to 10 kHz frequencies;
  • Analog  outputs: 4 - 4 to 20 mAdc or 0 to 20 mAdc, with maximum  load of 750 Ohm:
    - Used for frequency of Analog Outputs: 4 - 4  to 20 mAdc or 0 to 20 mAdc, with maximum load of 750 Ohm
    - Resolution: ± 0.050 mA;
    - 4 - 1 to 5 Vdc or 0 to 5 Vdc, with minimum load of 1500 Ohm;
    Resolution: ± 0.015 V;
  • Digital Outputs: Open transistor collector, 45 Vdc ma (maximum resistive load);
  • Auxiliary Power Supply: 24 Vdc, 200 mA (maximum for up to 8 transmitters);
  • Frontal Panel and Control Indicator: 101 - Setpoint LED and Variable Process Indication 41- Output Indication LED.

- 8 Digits, Alphanumeric Display;
- Alarm, Status and Loop Monitoring LEDs;
- Function Switches;

  • Process Cycle Time: Adjustable (100 - 250 ms);
  • Serial Communication Port: EIA-485 (isolated);

- TCP / IP using ENET-710;
- OPC Server available (TagList600);

  • Configuration Definition: Software Function Blocks (programmed) or Pre-Programmed Control Configuration;
  • Configuration Input: : Software Function Blocks (programmed) or Pre-Programmed Control Configuration;
  • Configuration Input: Via Computer. Configuration Software: CONF600Plus;
  • Isolation Conditions: Ambient: 0 to 60 °C, 5 to 90% RH;
  • Dimensions: 2.834 x 5.669 x 10.724 (in) / 72 x 144 x 272.4 (mm) DIN 43700.

07 - Interface Hart USB for PCs ( HI321 )

HI331 - HART Interface

The HART Interface HI331 with connection via Bluetooth allows remote connection between field instruments that use HART protocol and standard IBM computers. It is compact, in one piece and does not require an external power supply. Designed to work with the HART DEVCODROID configuration software, the HI331 interface connects the PC's Bluetooth signal to the HART network.

Some Features

  • Bluetooth v2.0;
  • Internal Antenna;
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery via mini-USB connector;
  • Mini-grabber connectors in super resistant plastic;
  • Meets HART specification HCF_SPEC-54;
  • 128 bit high security encryption;
  • Compact size 2.00” x 2.75” x 0.80” (50mm x 70mm x 20mm);
  • Robust ABS plastic housing;
  • It includes a test software - HART Modem Test Program - for PC.

08 - Ethernet Communication Module

ENET-710 - Ethernet

ENET-710 is a data communication module that serves as a bridge between Ethernet and Serial networks. With the present day growth of automation and industrial control networks, the ENET-710 module provides to Ethernet network computers the capability to execute remote monitoring and control of industrial equipment compatible with Modbus serial on the field and also access to ENET-710 for up to 7 clients via the Ethernet. The communication with serial field equipment can be done through a serial full duplex RS-232C port and four serial half-duplex RS-485 ports. The module can be installed on the rack of the Logic Programmable LC700 Controller to be powered, or can operate independently with an external 24 Vdc power supply source. There is also a redundant power supply mode that uses both power supply sources.

 Total flexibility with Modbus/TCP, the ENET-710 implements the bridge to the serial ports on the LC700 CPU and other equipment compatible with Modbus/RTU providing bi-directional communication between Ethernet clients and equipment on the Modbus serial network. The module also offers data communication between Ethernet and the CD600Plus Multi-loop Controller with the CONF600 Plus configuration software.

09 - Accessories

  • Sphygmomanometer;
  • Thermo-resistance Simulator;
  • Interconnection Cables - 1m);
  • Magnetic Screwdriver;
  • Power Supply cable.


10 - Multi-Loop Controller Configuration Software

CONF600 Plus

CONF600 Plus is a CD600Plus configuration interface developed for windows platform that provides graphical resources and easy to operate man/machine interface.

Its use enables create, edit, optimize and download CD600Plus control strategies, in addition to calibrate inputs and outputs and monitor function blocks online, configure block parameters, store notes and print the entire documentation.

The alteration of parameters is done ONLINE. Each block inputs and outputs can be monitored simultaneously. The CONF600 Plus makes practically unnecessary refer to the instructions manual, since most information is shown on the screen. Depurate the configuration becomes much faster and easier.

CONF600Plus is a next-step permanent user guide that practically eliminates the need of consulting the manual. Most information on function blocks are displayed during the control strategy edition or creation.

  • Graphical Interface at Windows environment;
  • Geometric shapes, colors and commentaries can be easily inserted;
  • Exports/Imports configurations for the Mobile CONF600 Plus;
  • Ready for user documentation with previous printing visualization;
  • Tools for on-line edition, calibration, optimization and monitoring.

11 - Process Supervision Software

ProcessView - Process Visualization Interface

Smar System302 now has a new component for Process Visualization, Data Acquisition, Alarm, Trend Analysis, Batch Control and much more.

ProcessView is standard option for the System302 workstation operation package. On a modular project, the process offers 3 basic packages: GraphworkX, AlarmworkX and TrendworkX, which provide process visualization, alarm acquisition and management, and trend acquisition and management, respectively.

ProcessView provides write versatility through Visual Basic for Application, allowing for the construction of complex and flexible applications. ProcessView graphic versatility is also a distinguishing feature of the powerful tool that works with graphs and simple forms, in addition to gradient and elaborated graphs. The ability to import bitmaps and metafiles adds freedom to the designer´s flexibility.

GraphworkX offers a complete drawing structure that makes it easy to outline the most creative drawings, use gradients, shadings and perspectives in 3D. Multiple degrees of animation permit giving movement to spheres and simple levels besides to imported bitmaps. All of this generates to the user a friendlier atmosphere, so that the operator can control the factory with more speed and safety.

AlarmworkX provides a powerful detection tool by alarm, sorting, filtering, visualization, loggings, browse and data storage in several shapes. TrendworkX makes possible to determine real time trend, in addition to history trend, logging, thousand of points in different groups defined by the client. The operator has immediate access to any previous alarm or value, with some dikes, allowing him complete control and also total perception of the factory current and past history.

ProcessView also has a wide company alarm and an event management system, WEB display for system visualization at a distance and a totally reliable architecture with redundant data basis and connection for redundant OPC servers. It also runs with Window CE devices like pocket PCs as Compaq´s iPAQ type, which offers countless options for wireless factory operation. The operator may control valves or tune a control loop directly on the field, with all the information and graphs from the control room.

12 - Hart configurator for ANDROID devices


General Description

DEVCODROID is a powerful and friendly software. It enables easy field devices configurations and monitoring with the capability for data analysis and to modify the devices performance.


  • Easy to use Android interface;
  • Fast device connect and data view;
  • Save configurations as text file and PDF file for documenting the device;
  • Wireless convenience;
  • Comes with all the latest registered DD’s from the HART Foundation.


  • Perform complete HART® device configurations using your Android™ based Tablet or Smartphone;
  • Uses the registered DD files from the HART Communication Foundation;
  • Complete access to all features of the device   DD including Methods;
  • Monitor PV, Multi-variables, and Device Status;
  • View and edit device Variables;
  • The most cost-effective DD based handheld HART communication solution available.

13 - Configuration

Each didactical kit includes a set of configuration tools related to it.

In view of its didactical purpose, the Demokit is supplied without any application, in order to make the equipment receptive to new configurations implemented by the user.

14 - Manuals

  • Manuals related to the equipment that make up the kit will be supplied with the set.

15 - Case

  • Case for housing and protection. 

Equipment Case


  • The above items specifications are subject to changes without previous notice.
  • The final specs and each item quantity will be compliant with the client´s proposal.