Electric Actuators

Rotary Electric Actuators are electromechanical equipment that substitute with high reliability manual valve operation on:

  • Sites with difficult access or high danger to the operator;
  • Cases demanding high actuation torques;
  • Conditions requiring fast positioning, especially on valves with large total number of turns;
  • Work regime with high frequency of maneuvers;
  • Automatic process control whose vales operate in two extreme positions or with modulated intermediary repositioning.


SMAR electric actuators are available in 4 torque ranges for operations of valves type drawer, guillotine, globe, butterfly, sphere and male, among others, whose torques are in the 20 to 80 Nm range (for AR and AL models) and 150 to 1850 Nm (for AD model), and rotations between 6 and 48 rpm. Superior torques can make use of additional adapted stages of gear coupled to the actuator output axle. All models are equipped with protection system against excessive load or when foreign objects intervene on its course. These systems automatically turn off the motor hence protecting the actuator/valve system.


SMAR Rotary Actuators are designed and constructed under special criteria and present as major features:

  • Simplicity of work;

  • Robustness;

  • Long lasting;

  • Protection of components against environment attacks;

  • Easiness of maintenance;

  • Precise positioning;

  • IP65 protection degree.


These features meet the most important requirements, on the following application areas:

  • Oil refineries;

  • Petrochemical industries;

  • Sugar and ethanol mills;

  • Pharmaceutical industries;

  • Chemical industries;

  • Cement, glass and steel industries;

  • Piping for water, natural gas and oil transportation;

  • Water and sewage treatment stations;

  • Offshore oil prospecting and exploration platforms;

  • Air conditioning units;

  • Pneumatic transportation lines.

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