Ladder logic configurator, IEC 61131-3 standard, for the DFI302 controllers line

LogicView is the tool for Ladder Logic, IEC-61131-3 standard, to implement logic networks and interlocking for process control, dedicated to DFI302 controllers’ line.

The control strategy is achieved with logic networks in a ladder style which supports hybridization with a rich library of built-in function blocks. An included network manager supports enabling, disabling and changing of the networks execution order.

Main characteristics

  • Can handle manufacturing and process control applications ;
  • Ladder Logic language IEC 61131-3;
  • A large function block library (PID, Math, Status, etc);
  • Verifies consistency of the configuration against the hardware;
  • Ready for documentation with “Print Preview”;
  • “Search” and “Replace” capability;
  • Multi-Level Undo capability.

There are two versions of LogicView for the entire line of solutions available for the DFI302 platform.

The LogicView for DF65 is the available version for programming of the programmable logic co-processors of the DF65 line.

The LogicView for FFB is fully integrated with Syscon, fieldbus networks configuration tool, which is integral part of SYSTEM302. This architecture makes possible developing the system control strategy, discrete or analog, in a fast and intuitive way supported by the user-friendly interface.

The SYSTEM302 multi-user capability allows configuring the continuous control at Syscon in a station and another user can configure the discrete logic in another one, t his optimizes the time of projects delivery .

The FFB – Flexible Function Block is the available block for the entire line of Smar HSE controllers – DF63, DF73, DF75, DF89, DF95, DF97 and DF100. Its purpose is to provide the connection between the ladder logic , IEC 61131-3 standard (usually used for discrete control strategies), and the continuous control strategies, configured through F OUNDATION fieldbus TM function blocks. The definitions of input and output parameters of this block are done according to the application, thus the user is free to create advanced control strategies with the interoperability provided by the F OUNDATION fieldbus standard.

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