Hart to Current Converter

The HCC301 is a two-wire converter capable of generating a 4-20mA current signal through a variable via HART communication. We can transfer more information from HART equipment to controllers and improve the performance of controls and processes with a low cost solution.

This converter has the ability to work as the primary master of the HART bus and continuously poll a variable in another HART device, dynamically converting it to a current value of 4-20mA proportional to a pre-configured scale. Even being a primary master, the HCC301 freely allows having a secondary master on the bus, such as a hand-held.

This variable updated in current can be the primary variable in engineering unit, the primary variable in percentage or also one of the dynamic variables of the HART equipment: the secondary variable, tertiary or the fourth variable or variables of command 33 of the HART. it can be from any manufacturer, which gives more flexibility and recursion to the user.

The safe fault condition according to NAMUR-NE43 can be configured in the converter, where in a fault, it will generate a current signal according to the user's selection (3.6 or 21mA), in such a way that the controller can take a safe action. The user still configures the number of communication "retries" until the drive generates safe fault current.

At the security level, you can also enable write protection to prevent unauthorized changes.

Some Features

Output sign
4-20 mAdc two-wire, in accordance with NAMUR NE43, with digital overlay communication (HART Protocol). 1500 Vdc insulation.
12-45 Vdc
Accuracy The accuracy of the converted variable will be 0.040% of the span.
Temperature Effect 0.2 % in the output current from -40ºC to +85ºC.
Response Time Variable update read in 120 ms.

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