WirelessHART™ Pressure, Level and Flow Transmitters

The LD400WH Series is a complete line of intelligent pressure, differential, absolute, gauge, static high pressure differential and flow transmitters, in addition to models for level, insertion level, remote seals and sanitary applications. The LD400WH provides the best solution for field applications requiring wireless data transmission and demand high performance.

It is a robust, highly reliable and safe solution for pressure, level and flow measurement.  

  • Accuracy ± 0.045%;
  • Stability of ± 0.2% of the URL – 12-year guarantee;
  • Rangeability of 200:1;
  • Advanced diagnostics;
  • Supports DD, EDDL and FDT/DTM;
  • Simple and complete local adjustment:  (zero and span calibration);
  • Function of repeaters/routers on the  mesh network;
  • “Burst Mode” for periodic sending of commands;
  • Power supply by long duration batteries;
  • WirelessHART Protocol, HART Version 7
  • Lithium primary batteries   (Li-SOCl2) de 3.6 V, totalizing 7.2 V. 

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