64-bit Software Suite for Operations (HMI/SCADA)

State of the Art Technology for your Operations

Designed to leverage 64-bit platforms and OPC UA technologies, PROCESSVIEW64 enables operators, executives, and IT professionals to integrate real-time information into a secure, unified, fully web-enabled viewing environment.

Among the most important points of this set of scalable solutions from SMAR for operations, we must mention its visualization technology that allows access from any computer or mobile device, its high availability, centralized configuration, and the ability to connect through a wide variety of communication protocols. communication industry standards.


ProcessView64 is a powerful suite of software applications for running and managing Industrial Plant Operations, including the following features:

  • AnyGlass View (on any device);
  • Redundancy for Mission Critical (real-time, historical and alarm information is always available);
  • Centralized Configuration;
  • Universal Connectivity;
  • Minimized Development Time;
  • Distributed Alarm Management, object-oriented;
  • Organization of Assets in accordance with ISA-95;
  • RecRobust Real-time and Historical Data Trending capabilities;
  • Native Geo-SCADA;
  • Visualization of assets in 2D and 3D graphics;
  • Creation of powerful reusable smart symbols;
  • Reports;
  • One-time setup, use anywhere.

AnyGlass View

Bring any device into view with SMAR. Create desktop screens that scale responsively to run on any mobile client. Leverage native apps to provide a consistent user experience on any smartphone or tablet. Access apps
HMI/SCADA in any HTML5 compatible browser. SMAR's responsive user interface technology seamlessly transitions between clients, providing a consistent user experience..


Redundancy for Critical Missions

SMAR guarantees the security of any critical data, offering high availability redundancy for communications reliability. Redundant collectors and loggers serve as a backup in case of system failure. With automatic fault detection and store-and-forward technology, SMAR users can be confident that essential real-time, historical and alarm information is always available. SMAR's redundancy solutions are simple to configure, install and deploy.

Centralized Configuration

Workbench is the all-in-one centralized configuration environment for all internal processes, making development more efficient and minimizing development time for any application. For example, assets and history log can be configured on the same screen. Users can configure and manage the entire ProcessView64 application from any workstation..

Visualization interfaces and user dashboards are configured using the GraphWorX64 visualization module. HMI (Human Machine Interface) and SCADA screens can be created with the benefits of 2D and 3D graphics, integrated parallel projection, pre-configured symbols, dynamic properties, animation, and flexible aliasing.

Universal Connectivity

SMAR supports industry standard communications such as OPC, OPC UA, Modbus, MQTT, Web Services and databases. The solution has been certified for OPC UA compliance by the OPC Foundation as both client and server. Simple device discovery on the network makes integration seamless and efficient.

Minimized Development Time

The biggest cost of any automation project is in the application engineering. For an average project, this can be well over 60% of the total investment. ProcessView64 greatly reduces configuration effort and minimizes development time, resulting in huge cost savings and a drastic reduction in deployment time. SMAR is able to consistently deliver software solutions that run on the latest 64-bit Microsoft operating systems, affordable IoT devices and Microsoft Azure. Enjoy the main
Windows features in ProcessView64 and provide users with the best performance, reliability and flexibility for their applications.


Distributed Alarm Management

Distributed management of alarms across the enterprise is provided through AlarmWorX64, ProcessView64's native alarm module. Users can be notified of abnormal conditions and events in real time with ISA 18.2 compliant features. The AlarmWorX64 Viewer can be integrated into any SCADA screen or HMI to bring real-time and historical alarms to light, whenever and wherever operators need to see them.


Asset Organization

ProcessView64 includes an ISA-95 compliant asset organization module called AssetWorX. Assets can be organized and configured in the Workbench with a critical runtime component for scaling large projects while providing intuitive navigation. These hierarchies can optionally include customizable alarms, colors, icons and names, and drag-and-drop functionality.


Historical and Real-Time Trends

Visualize enterprise-wide data in trends, logs, graphs, and reports with ProcessView64's trending module, TrendWorX64. Graph historical and real-time data from any relational database to provide users with actionable data. Customize trends with variable data playback rates, colors, multiple data sources, and multiple cursors. Interact with trends in runtime with various playback and filter functions.


Native Geo-SCADA

ProcessView64's geographic information system (GIS) mapping module, EarthWorX, provides visualization for widely dispersed assets. Allows creation of a geographic overview to monitor multiple locations while maintaining the ability to find and search for specific assets. Users can integrate with Google Maps, Bing Maps and Esri to include additional GIS mapping capabilities and data layers.

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