Flow Computer of the Flow Measurement System AuditFlow

According to current international standards for custody transfer flow measurement systems, AuditFlow provides a comprehensive solution in a Flow Measurement System. In addition to calculating flow corrections in real time, it has data security and audit trail to facilitate checking and calibrating instruments.



The flow computer module FC302 in the AuditFlow is fully configurable and designed based on leading edge technology in hardware and software to measure and control corrected flow rate of liquid and gas.

  • Several levels of redundancy.
  • Liquid and gas measurements in the same Flow Computer Module.
  • Batch measurements (selection of multiple fluids - liquid).
  • Calculations in accordance with GPA, ISO, AGA and API standards - certified algorithms.
  • Compatible with all flowmeters: differential pressure, turbine, ultrasonic, positive displacement, Coriolis, VCone, Wafer Cone.
  • Communication with gas analyzers through Modbus and FOUNDATION Fieldbus.
  • Allocation Measurement: correction factors and proving to measure emulsion of crude oil and water.
  • Liquid products supported: crude oil, natural gasoline, Jet Fuel (JP4), gasoline, diesel, emulsion of crude oil and water, water.
  • Linearization curve of KF/NKF/MF factors by frequence /flow rate for liquid measurement.
  • Level A in fidelity and security pulse transmission: continuous verification and correction by comparison of pulses A and B.
  • Prover types supported: Piston, ball, tank and master meter.
  • Simple commissioning due to digital communication with FOUNDATION Fieldbus, by reduced cabling.
  • Up to 30 users, with username, 3-level configurable access and double password capability.
  • Electronic seal: mechanical devices may be applied to restrict access and events registered electronically.
  • Automatic proving capability.
  • PID control and other algorithms for calculation and control.
  • Configuration language: function block diagram.
  • Optional logic co-processor for interlocking and sequencing.
  • Scalable hardware: expansion of I/O modules.
  • Open standards: FOUNDATION Fieldbus, OPC, HART®, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet TCP/IP.

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