Strategy Simulator

The new Control Strategy Simulator is totally integrated to SYSTEM302. This software tool simulates Foundation fieldbus function blocks and IEC 61131-3 Ladder logic.

SimulationView is designed to train operators, teach control automation in technical schools and universities, test control application, develop and improve industrial processes. Operators are trained on the same graphical screens developed for real operation. Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) and application tests can be performed before the system startup, speeding up the engineering process and project delivery.

SimulationView connects to the SYSTEM302 database and promptly alternates between the real and the simulated environment. There is no need to import or export strategy configurations.

  • SYSTEM302 tools use simulation transparently, accessing information directly from the SYSTEM302 database;
  • Simulated data are provided through the SYSTEM302 OPC™ Server;
  • Any SCADA and supervisory software based on the OPC™ technology will benefit from the simulation;
  • Extremely useful for training operators. It can be also used in the academic environment to teach control and automation, in application tests, and to improve industrial process development.

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