High Performance and Capacity Plant Data Historian (PIMS)

The Importance of your Plant Data demands the use of a High Speed, Reliable and Robust Historian

SMAR's HistoryView is a high speed, reliable and robust 64-bit historian. Designed for the most mission-critical applications, its advanced high-compression algorithm delivers unparalleled performance with very efficient use of resources. HistoryView integrates with the latest big data technologies including Azure SQL, Microsoft Data Lakes, Kafka and Hadoop. This makes HistoryView the most efficient and secure plant historian for any Microsoft operating system.



Main Benefits and Features:

  • High range of remote data collectors / Collect data from any device, anywhere, following industry standards;
  • Uses trends and customizable charts for decision making;
  • Reproduction of real-time, historical and archived data;
  • Storage-and-forward technology;
  • Integrated performance calculations;
  • Native reporting add-in for Microsoft Excel®;
  • Web-enabled configuration and administration;
  • Automatic data archiving and backup;
  • SQL query engines;
  • Diagnostic data tracking with event logs;
  • Built-in redundancy;
  • Seamless integration with other SMAR software;
  • Fast collection for enterprise-wide data storage;
  • Exporting data to Azure Data Lakes and other cloud storage.


Charts, Data Analysis and Reports

Allows you to choose from a multitude of chart and trend styles to best represent and accentuate real-time and historical data. Configuration options to customize trends to make data analysis concise and intuitive. Drag-and-drop data sources in Runtime mode and view multiple trends simultaneously. Enter operator comments as well as manage lab data and audit trails.


HistoryView includes an industry standard SQL search engine for reporting and bulk editing of data, allowing tight integration with any SQL-compatible database such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and any open database.


Data Merge

HistoryView includes a module for automatic or manual data entry, enabling users to import historical data or records from databases, other historians, or intermittently connected field devices and equipment. This also provides much greater reliability in capturing all data even when network outages occur.


Performance Calculations

Customize calculations that can be triggered periodically or from any event, using a flexible expression editor with date/time, math, text and historical data retrieval functions.


HistoryView-to-HistoryView Connectivity

Data collected by distributed servers can be combined, while maintaining full system interconnectivity for metrics and analysis. HistoryView-to-HistoryView connectivity can also automatically detect changes to source data and propagate them to the HistoryView's central server, maintaining a unified historical database.


Remote Collectors

Architected as an enterprise-wide distributed historian, HistoryView's remote collectors enable the collection of historical data from dispersed locations. Remote collectors are attributed to SMAR's universal connectivity capability, including OPC UA, and SNMP protocols.


Big Data and Long Term Storage with Data Lakes

HistoryView is designed to handle “hot”, “warm”, and “cold” data. Hot data can be accessed immediately for daily use, warm data is archived but easy to access for reporting and analysis, and cold data is archived for long-term storage or advanced analysis. HistoryView Data Exporter moves cold data to a variety of external storage systems such as Azure SQL, Microsoft Data Lake, Hadoop and Kafka. Securely keep your data for long-term storage or use powerful analytics and machine learning to take your HistoryView data to new levels and bring even more insights into your processes and systems. Collect your data in one place and turn it into knowledge.

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