Mobile Smart Device Comunicator for Android

Field devices such as flow, pressure, level, temperature transmitters, and valve positioners provide the physical connection to the process. These devices allow the control system to monitor and manipulate process conditions. HART devices maintain a real-time database of process, configuration, identification, and diagnostic information. This information can be accessed using the HART Field Communications Protocol.

HART devices are capable of providing functions and features far beyond the basic task of providing a process input or accepting a control output to manipulate process conditions. Many HART compatible device manufactures create a DD (Device Description) describing all of these functions and features specific to that device. The DD also provides information essential to the successful configuration and calibration of the device.

DevComDroid uses these DD’s to access the data stored in a device, providing full configuration and setup support for all registered HART DD’s.

DevComDroid accesses and presents field device data based solely on its DD. No other files, information or custom drivers are required. DevComDroid is intended to monitor and configure a single device at a time, it is directly connected to the current loop of the particular device and:

  • Provides user interface to configure the HART field device,
  • Provides a means to configure and view all the parameters related to HART field device, and
  • Provides an option to view the detailed status and diagnostic capability of the device.


DevComDroid allows viewing and modifying of field device parameters based on the DD. Using the device’s DD, DevComDroid performs various tests to verify the proper operation of the HART device. DevComDroid runs as a standalone software application and must have a HART compatible modem attached to the system to interrogate the HART device.

System requirements
Mobile Device Processor: ARM or Atom
Memory RAM: 1 GB
Memory ROM: 2 GB
Screen: 960x540 qHD
SD Card Optional
HART Modem SMAR HI331 interface or equivalent
Communication Port Bluetooth 2.0
Operating System Android Jelly Bean (4.3)

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