High Speed Coupler PROFIBUS DP/PA

In the search for practical solutions and high performance, Smar presents its new solution on connectivity for industrial networks: the high speed coupler for PROFIBUS DP/PA, the HSC303.

This module enables communicating with high transmission rates, up to 12 Mbits/s, with PROFIBUS DP masters and transform the signal in the field standard, PROFIBUS PA with fixed 31,25 kbits. All of this transparently,  without the need for configurations. It supports up to 124 PROFIBUS PA slaves and detects the PROFIBUS DP network communication rate automatically.

The HSC303 is part of a modular solution capable to provide electrical signals with the correct tension and current specifications, compliant with IEC 61158-2 standard both for classified areas or not. 

With an adapter IM153/HSC303 and a cable (patchcord) is possible to connect  the HSC303 in systems using the IM153, replacing the Siemens DP / PA coupler. This can be done in a transparent way, without the need to make any configuration changes, because the HSC303 is transparent to the Profibus DP network.

The elements below make up the complete solution to access the PROFIBUS PA network. They are:

  • DF93: Rack for HSC303 modules – With via-led diagnosticsit is easy to check the tension levels delivered to the modules;
  • DF50 / DF56: Power sources for the HSC303 – Available for alternate or continuous input tensions;
  • HSC303-2 ou HSC303-4 – High performance couplers with transparent work without the need for additional configurations with 2 or 4 PROFIBUS PA independent channels;
  • DF52 / DF60: Alternate or continuous tension power sources for impedance modules;
  • DF53 / DF98: Impedance sources with PROFIBUS PA independent channels of 340 mA or 500 mA;
  • DF47-12 / DF47-17: Intrinsic safety options barriers for Ex-ia segments of 1.2W or 1.7W;
  • DF9: Individual support for module expansion;
  • DF2: Rack terminator.

Figure 1 – System Architecture with the HSC303

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