Tool for Integration of Different Systems and Automation of Procedures/Workflows

Gain Efficiency By Orchestrating Data Exchange Between Different Systems and Automating Workflows.

The OrchestrationView solution allows users to quickly implement orchestration tasks or transactions and data integration adherent to operation, maintenance, business logic, etc., without the need for programming.



Main features::

  • Develops transaction flows using highly intuitive graphical tools;
  • Use graphical designer with function block library to connect multiple data sources;
  • Defines, calculates and implements work and business rules;
  • Schedules manually triggered transactions and workflows, based on periodic dates and times, OPC Tags, alarms and events, changes in database values, changes in file or directory attributes, etc.;
  • Redundancy and Load Balancing: Multiple servers can work together to execute transactions, share the load, and provide redundancy in case one server goes offline.

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