Nova Smar took part in The Open Group Brasil

Last Tuesday, October 17, Nova Smar took part in the event "The Open Group Brasil Talks 2023", in São Paulo.

The event was attended by Mateus Favaron (Project Engineering - Nova Smar), Libanio Carlos de Souza (CEO - Nova Smar), Paulo Gallo (CEO Servserth) and Luciano Botto (Product Intelligence Manager - Nova Smar).

Nova Smar presented the topic: The basic technologies of Industry 4.0 and solutions based on the O-PAS standard for implementation, by speaker Libanio Carlos de Souza.

ServSerth, Nova Smar's partner, also presented the topic: Artificial Intelligence and its perspectives in Industrial Automation, by speaker Paulo Gallo.

Together, they passed on the latest information in the race for technology and innovation that automate and govern the race for Industry 4.0.