WEG and Nova Smar Partnership

The partnership aims to develop interoperable components, portable software, and interchangeable hardware to provide cost savings and more freedom of choice to the industry.


WEG, a global leader in electro-electronic equipment, and Nova SMAR, a reference in industrial automation systems, signed a MoU to accelerate the development and adoption of open technologies in industrial automation. The partnership between WEG and SMAR S.A. aims to develop components suitable for O-PAS (Open Process Automation Standard), which is the set of standards developed by OPAF (Open Process Automation Forum) that aims to promote interoperability, flexibility, portability, interchangeable hardware, cost reduction, and innovation in industrial process control systems.

The initiative will utilize WEG's electronic hardware development capability and the WEGnology open platform for cloud and edge, which is a reference in open technology and low-code development, along with Nova SMAR's SYSTEM302 hybrid automation system architecture.

"We are very motivated to introduce the concepts of O-PAS interoperability to the integrated process industry in Brazil through our WEGnology platform. We have a complete line of hardware and software for this segment and, with this technology still in its early stages, we can help guide the industry towards even greater efficiency by exploring the freedom of open systems," says Carlos Grillo, Managing Director of WEG Digital and Systems.

"Nova SMAR reaffirms its leadership introducing new open technologies in the industrial automation sector through its contributions to the definition, validation, and dissemination of Open Process Automation Forum specifications. We are excited to join forces with WEG to offer genuinely Brazilian technology to promote the digital transformation of the global industrial sector," guarantees Libanio Carlos de Souza, President of Nova Smar S.A.

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WEG and Nova SMAR Sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to Accelerate the Development of Open Technologies for Industrial Process Automation Systems | WEG