Libânio takes part in an interview on the program “Direto ao Ponto”

The CEO of Nova Smar, Libânio Carlos de Souza, was interviewed by reporter Jota Show for the program “Direto ao Ponto”.

"We're very closely linked to the agricultural sector. And Brazil has found the formula for producing raw materials and transforming them into products, in other words, having an industry. So, today we supply products to this industry that processes the raw materials that come from agriculture, you know, that come from livestock. So, the development of this sector is very important to us," said the CEO, Libânio Carlos de Souza.

"So, Nova Smar is carrying out a project that is the biggest program to publicize a new technology in Smar's history. We're doing the O-PAS Roadshow and we're touring 50 cities around the world. And now, in May, on May 8th, we're going to be in Barcelona. And at this event we will be speaking on behalf of CEISE, saying how important O-PAS is for the Brazilian bioenergy sector," added Libânio Carlos de Souza.